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South Dakota Indian Business Alliance

Welcome to the South Dakota Indian Business Alliance (SDIBA) website. SDIBA is a group of community partners committed to growing Indian business in South Dakota. Our mission is to leverage resources through diverse partnerships to strengthen Native entrepreneurship development and build wealth in Native communities.

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Informing Policy Favorable to Indian Business

SDIBA works closely with state government to advocate for Indian business. We are guided by our policy agenda, a set of policy recommendations that represent a collective voice of stakeholders and advocates of South Dakota’s Native entrepreneurship development movement. Our 2012 Policy Recommendations are a compilation of elicited a variety of responses from our constituents about successes and challenges in Native business development and action ideas to promote growth. Download our 2012 Policy Recommendations.

Conducting Research to Gain Valuable Economic Data

The South Dakota Indian Business Alliance commissioned an in-depth market analysis of South Dakota's nine Indian Reservations. This research reveals although the Reservations face grave economic conditions, there are opportunities for economic growth and entrepreneurial development.
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