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Our Mission

The South Dakota Indian Business Alliance leverages resources through diverse partnerships to strengthen Native entrepreneurship development and build wealth in Native communities.

How SDIBA Originated

Native Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities for Rural Communities is a report that explored Native entrepreneurship in rural communities nationwide. It was published in December 2004 by the Corporation for Enterprise Development, with funding from the Northwest Area Foundation. According to the report, individual Indian entrepreneurship was responsible for securing over twice the annual revenue that Indian gaming provides.

The South Dakota Indian Business Conferences, held in February 2007 & May 2009, emphasized the importance of building partnerships to boost business development and entrepreneurship in Indian Country. The first conference launched what is now known as the South Dakota Indian Business Alliance (SDIBA). Although SDIBA seeks to increase funding and technical assistance for small business development, we are also working to make significant improvements in tribal legal and governance infrastructure. Our goals include enhancing Tribal-State partnerships that can advance Indian business development.

Our partners come from a broad spectrum of the community including tribal leaders and policy makers; tribal economic and business development leaders; tribal judiciary and legal counsel; federal, state and local officials, agency staff, and lawmakers; commercial and other lenders; tribal college business department staff and students; and community development groups.