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Business Development in Indian Country

A Strategic Approach to Sustainability: We use a comprehensive model that addresses Governance, Infrastructure, Finance, and Resources in order to develop sustainable businesses in Indian Country.

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Fostering the Development of Private Indian Business

In order to strengthen Native entrepreneurship development and build wealth in Native communities, SDIBA works on key objectives. Our members work to cultivate effective and efficient business environments in South Dakota's Indian Country. We also collaborate to maximize the benefits of joint efforts by the State and the Tribes to increase Indian entrepreneurship in South Dakota.

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The South Dakota Indian Business Alliance participated in a collective visioning session with Indian Business Alliance groups from Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Wisconsin to formulate a 5-year Strategic Plan. In this workshop, participants were invited to bring their imagination and optimism to the table and help weave a complete picture of how the Indian Business Alliance moves towards its desired future. Participants were asked to consider and describe the future that could be achieved through the collective efforts of all of the Alliances working together.

Download the Indian Business Alliance 5-Year Collective Strategic Plan.

Policy Recommendations

These policy recommendations represent a collective voice of stakeholders and advocates of South Dakota's Native entrepreneurship development movement. They are the result of multiple roundtable sessions where attendees participated in open dialogue regarding key issues. These events elicited a variety of responses about successes and challenges in Native business development and action ideas to promote growth.
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South Dakota Indian Business Conference

The biennial South Dakota Indian Business Conference, hosted by the South Dakota Indian Business Alliance, is the premier event in South Dakota's Native economic development field. Every two years hundreds of Tribal and non-Tribal government and program representatives, practitioners, policy-makers, lenders, educators, nonprofit organization representatives, foundations, and entrepreneurs come together to discuss innovative solutions in developing private sector Indian business.

2011 South Dakota Indian Business Conference: Inspiring a New Native America
2013 South Dakota Indian Business Conference: Building Opportunities in the New Native America
2015 South Dakota Indian Business Alliance: Expanding Economies in the New Native America